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Danny is a multi-percussionist, singer and band leader specializing in Afro Latino folkloric and popular music styles.

Danny Mendoza is a percussionist, vocalist, band leader and educator based in the Seattle area. Danny comes from a family rich in musical heritage and culture and his main goal and passion are to share this rich heritage by bringing community together by way of music and dance oriented events.

Danny is a native of Chula Vista, CA where he became a self taught drummer and was part of various bands growing up. Aside from his own musical interests and projects, he was also very influenced by his father's musical taste which leaned towards salsa and other Caribbean styles. In 2013, he was introduced to folkoric Afro Cuban styles and began his study of the conga drum. As time has progressed, he has also added bata drums, cajon, and bongo to his instrument repertoire and has also dabbled in the study of composition, dance, vocal improvisation and the common Afro Latino vocal style of answer and call. He moved to the Seattle area in 2018 where he quickly made a name for himself as one of the prominent and influential Latin Percussionists in town.

Danny has studied under various teachers in Seattle, San Diego, and beyod including Victor Tapia, Mark Lamson, Paul Lopez, Arturo Rodriguez, Steven Cherena, Manley "Piri" Lopez, and Jose Carrion. Danny is the founding member and currently leads, sings and plays congas in salsa band Eléré. He is also part of folkoric group Omo Alagba and in February 2021 completed his initiation into the Afro Cuban tradition of Aña, a fraternity of ceremonial bata drumming and singing for the Orishas. Most recently Danny joined Latino Soul fusion band the Pazific. Danny continues to deepen his understanding and passion for music with his studies and various projects.

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